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    The 5 Best Tech Jobs from Home for Moms

    admin Posted in How To's, Work at Home Comments Off on The 5 Best Tech Jobs from Home for Moms

    Tech Jobs from Home for Moms

    Time management is a challenge for most working moms. Some mothers quit their fulltime jobs to take care of their families. They prefer having a flexible work schedule to meet their financial needs. Some moms often take part in an online lottery USA over the weekends. Stay-at-home moms can apply for any of these top five tech jobs.

    1. Virtual Assistant

    A stay-at-home can comfortably work from home as a virtual assistant. It is an office job which doesn’t require your physical presence in an organization. Generally, each company has distinct virtual assistant tasks such as email management, editing, data entry, and social media management. Reputable HR managers recommend moms to contact online firms and bloggers to get lucrative job opportunities. Also, you can join various job boards and participate in different discussions.

    2.? Social Media Consultant

    A social media consultant plays a vital role in helping an organization to build strong social networks. The job includes creating engaging social media posts and running effective social media campaigns. There has been a drastic increase in the number of companies looking out for social media consultants in recent years. It is among the top well-paying jobs in the U.S.

    3. Virtual Recruiter

    Many established companies hire virtual recruiters to reduce the amount of money and time they spend recruiting new employees. They use job boards, social media and sophisticated recruiting software to reach out to thousands of candidates worldwide. A skilled virtual recruiter often creates job fairs to interact with job candidates.it allows helps organizations reach out to the right candidates.

    4. Graphic Designer

    A graphic designer is a graphic art and design specialist who assembles typography and images to create intriguing designs. Talented moms can create graphics for electronic, print or published media. A designer’s main role is to present data in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. Most startups need graphic designers to create attractive designs for their visual ads and logos to attract clients.

    5. Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate marketing involves marketing company products to earn a commission. The main role of an affiliate marketer is to search for certain products and promoting them to boost their sales.? Affiliate links track the sales an affiliate makes daily.

    All mothers aspire to nurture their children well. However, some of them struggle to balance family and work commitments. About 21 percent of American citizens work from home, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. Most moms search for flexible jobs with reasonable compensation. They include affiliate marketing, graphic designing, and virtual assistant.


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    How to Find a Divorce Lawyer that can Protect Your Rights as a Mom

    admin Posted in Family, How To's Comments Off on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer that can Protect Your Rights as a Mom

    Not every marriage works out, and sometimes things don’t fall apart until kids get involved. When you find yourself faced with a divorce in which child custody is an issue, you need to consult with the right group of family lawyers to protect your rights as a soon to be a single mom. The right divorce lawyer for you can connect with you as a person, has experience in child custody cases, and has probably helped several other clients in your home region.

    The Personal Connection

    Most divorce lawyers offer free consultations where you can speak directly with the lawyer and determine whether the professional is a good fit for your case. You should take advantage of the chance for a free consultation to speak with multiple family lawyers in Aurora and Newmarket. In addition to getting a chance to speak directly with the lawyer before making a final decision on whether that individual should represent you in court, this also gives you a chance to see which divorce lawyers fit you as a person. A legal case requires you to be on the same page as your counsel, so you should form a bond of trust between yourself and the divorce lawyer in Newmarket or Aurora that you finally choose.

    Experience in Your Area

    Your divorce lawyer should have experience in the field but also experience in the region where your case will be held. This is important not because of any changes in the law, but because divorce lawyers who have experience in your area are likely to know about preferences of judges who might determine your case and tendencies of certain other lawyers who might represent the other party. When it comes to family lawyers, experience counts in all areas. With that said, energy, vigor, and trust are also very important. Your family lawyer needs to provide zealous representation for you, especially if child custody is involved. Find somebody who has experience and energy, and you will be in the best position possible.

    A History of Child Custody Cases

    If children are involved in your divorce, it’s important for you to remember that divorce proceedings can get radically different when it comes to matters of custody. Some family lawyers in Aurora might have extensive experience in dealing with divorce cases but relatively little in terms of child custody. Every custody case is a little bit different, which is one of the reasons why your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer in Newmarket is so important. By being open and honest about your situation, you can find a lawyer whose experience matches your situation.

    Divorce proceedings are always difficult, but your search for a divorce lawyer shouldn’t be. By utilizing the opportunity to consult with family lawyers in your area and making sure that you find a match not only in terms of experience but also personality, you can find a professional who will represent not only your needs but also the needs of your children.

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    Five Easy Garment Repairs You Can Do At Home

    admin Posted in How To's Comments Off on Five Easy Garment Repairs You Can Do At Home

    When it comes to life hacks and ways to be thrifty, one way you can save money is to learn how to fix clothing items yourself. We all have that favourite item of clothing, something that we always go back to but that one day will start to fall apart. Or that new jacket with the broken zipper, the trousers that need hemming or a dress with a busted seam. If this is you, then you might be surprised at how easy it is to perform simple repairs yourself. Not only will this save on the costs of replacing the items or paying for a tailoring service, but it can also lead to a nice little hobby for yourself or even be the start of a new business venture. Nowadays, people are a lot more aware of sustainability and rejecting the throw away culture of the past, so the ‘make do and mend’ culture is gaining popularity.

    Here are some simple ways you can look after your clothing and effect simple repairs:

    1. Repair a bra underwire

    We all have that old faithful lurking in our underwear drawer, the go-to bra that never lets us down. However, if it’s underwired, then a sharp dig in the ribs is usually the first sign that the wire has come through the fabric. However, don’t despair, according to plus size shapewear specialist Elle Courbee, this can easily be repaired by pushing the wire back through and stitching the tear. If the tear is too frayed, you can make a patch using moleskin– simply cut an inch-long length and secure it over the hole. For extra durability, the patch can be stitched onto the casing. Use some glue or clear nail varnish to seal down the ends of the thread, to prevent uncomfortable chaffing.

    1. Hemming trousers
    2. http://www.168502.com.cn/workathomeblog/wp-admin/edit.php

    Rather than rush to a seamstress or tailor, this is really easy to do at home. You only need scissors, pins, a measuring tape and ruler, an iron and a needle and thread. You don’t even need a sewing machine, although this would obviously expedite the process. Simply follow these steps:

    • Measure your trouser length carefully, making sure you have the correct length and that both trouser legs are cuffed to the exact same length.
    • Pin both cuffs in place
    • Use a hot iron to make a crease at the fold where the trousers are to be cuffed
    • Sew the hem in place using blind stitch – either by hand or using a sewing machine

    If you’re using tape, cut the correct length and remove any backing. Place the tape, then press down on it to fuse the cuff in place. However, iron-on tape usually works better, and can simply be placed inside the fabric of the cuff and ironed on using a hot iron, with no steam. Make sure you place a thin cloth over the trouser leg while using the iron. After ironing a section, lift the cuff to ensure it’s held in place before moving on.

    1. Mend a hole or tear

    Iron-on patches are the go-to haberdashery items for all busy Moms out there. These are great for speedy repairs of ripped and snagged clothing. Simply turn the garment inside out, cut the iron-on patch to cover the tear – allowing a few extra millimetres for bonding on to the fabric, and use an iron (without steam) to set the patch in place. Again, when using an iron to secure fixing tape/patches, make sure you protect the fabric using a thin cloth.

    1. Repairing a zipper

    Let’s face it, zippers were an amazing invention. But when they break, as opposed to buttons that easily be sewn back on, most people won’t attempt a repair and the clothing gets thrown in the trash. Some items will require a whole zip replacement, which is possible at home, following these steps. However, if it’s simply a case that the slider’s stopped working, then the fix is actually fairly straightforward:

    • using pliers, remove the stop from the top of the zipper
    • remove the slider
    • replace with a new slider (parts can easily be sourced from Amazon)
    • attach a new stop using pliers
    1. How to repair a snag in knitwear

    This is a really simple and straightforward repair, but must be done as soon as possible after the item has snagged, to prevent further damage to the garment:

    • pull a threaded needle through the loop of the snag
    • tie a knot through the loop of the snag
    • using a needle, push the snag through to the inside
    • turn the garment inside out
    • make sure the snag is pulled through completely
    • tie a double knot at the base of the snag
    • trim away excess thread

    Hope this article has given you the confidence to have a go at some simple mending. It’s really not that hard, and can save you time and money, as well as lead to your own business opportunity in what is becoming a boom industry.

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